XC Georgia

A team of professional pilots with many years of experience organizing paragliding and
jeep tours in Georgia and Armenia.

We have been living and flying in Georgia for many years. During this time, we have opened
numerous new flight locations and collected invaluable statistics about the weather and other
conditions over dozens of unique routes.
Georgia is a beautiful country for flying and traveling. It’s safe, the food is delicious and the
scenery is breathtaking.
Join our tours to discover something new!

Comfortable transfer

We work with Mitsubishi Delicas, which are perfect vehicles for paragliding tours and driving in
the mountains!

Flight locations

Flight locations are suitable for both beginners and professional pilots: from 10 minutes in the
air to routes of over 100 km.

Cultural program

It’s not just about flying! Georgia is a very beautiful country – there are many things to see here:
ancient monasteries, wineries, traditional Georgian feasts with dancing and singing, the
countryside with its waterfalls, mountains and forests…

Unique experience

We are the only company offering this type of service in Georgia. Paragliding tours are a unique
opportunity both to fly in amazing locations and to get to see an interesting country.

Georgian cuisine

Georgia is a country of winemaking and world-renowned cuisine. There are dozens of different
wine varieties and local specialties that are unique to every region!

Professional guides

Over 7 years, our guides have traveled 250,000 km within Georgia and Armenia, conducting
paragliding tours, discovering and scrutinizing new starting points and flight locations, as well as
collecting weather statistics; they have spent hundreds of hours in the air, and have flown
thousands of kilometers on dozens of unique routes.