This is a great place to fly in thermodynamics

Weather permitting, this location is suitable for both beginners and advanced pilots. The region is not suitable for record routes, but you can glide here for hours in thermals, flying along a 10-kilometer ridge. Take-off point in N-NE-NW winds.

Flight season

  • The end of June – the end of September – flights in slope soaring and thermals. There is much less summer weather than in Gudauri and Kakheti. The place is located where the southern and northern winds intersect. The south wind blows higher, while the north wind is lower. This leads either to calm conditions, or to a weak north wind. Flights are dangerous when the north wind blows stronger.

  • The remaining months of the year are dominated by strong winds and rains.


  • GPS –  41°41’49.84″N 43°31’30.51″E
  • Height above sea level – 2500 m.
  • Vertical distance – 650 m.
  • How to get there – 4WD jeep with high ground clearance
  • Terrain – grass
  • Quantity of gliders – a lot


  • GPS –  41°41’39.00″N 43°31’33.74″E
  • Height above sea level – 2700m.
  • Vertical distance – 850m.
  • How to get there – 4WD jeep with high ground clearance or use ski lift
  • Terrain – grass
  • Quantity of gliders — 100+



The standard landing point is in the village of Bakuriani on the flat areas. If you want, you can land near the chairlift.


Bakuriani is a ski and summer resort with a large number of options for accommodation. Most of them can be found on