The paragliding pearl of Georgia!

This is an incredibly beautiful place for flights, although the conditions and weather can be quite problematic. The proximity of the sea causes sudden changes in the wind and general weather conditions.

Flight season

  • From December to June – at present there is not enough data for full statistics.
  • July-August: these months are characterized by strong valley winds, overdevelopment and all the wonders of the Big Mountains. Recommended for experienced pilots only.
  • September: this is a rainy month. Flights are possible, but weather conditions are not adequate.
  • October – the first half of November: this is the ideal time for flying (before the snow falls). At this time the weather is ideal (calm and sunny) and it is possible to fly routes of 100+ km. Svaneti in autumn may well compete with Biru (India). Thermals at this time reach +8. The air is already very cold, so you need to wear a thick down jacket and 2 pairs of gloves. At take-off and landing it is mostly very hot.


  • GPS –  43° 2’55.04″N 42°40’49.30″E
  • Height above sea level – 2350 m.
  • Vertical distance – 1000 m.
  • How to get there – 4WD jeep with high ground clearance
  • Terrain – grass
  • Quantity of gliders – 5

The take-off is located on a steep cliff, which is why small whirlwinds regularly form on the flat grassy area. The take-off thermal is very strong and uneven. In the afternoon, the take-off is dangerous due to the building up of the valley wind from the SW. As a result of the wind, the ridge to the right of the take-off point forms moderate turbulence at take-off.

  • GPS –  43° 1’41.90″N 42°54’59.37″E
  • Height above sea level – 3000 m.
  • Vertical distance – 1000-1500 m.
  • How to get there – 4WD jeep with high ground clearance or ski lift
  • Terrain – grass
  • Quantity of gliders — 100+

In summer, it can be dangerous here in the afternoons because thunderstorms often form on Mount Tetnuldi, and there may be strong winds at take-off if the valley winds build up.


The large number of clearings allows you to land almost anywhere at the foot of the mountain.


Mestia is a ski and summer resort with a wide choice of accommodation. Most of the options are available on

Border patrol

When making cross-country flights in Svaneti, the Border Patrol service must be notified. Their office is located in Mestia. Please follow this rule!


In Mestia there is an airfield with regular flights. Flights end at around 12 noon. For your own safety, you need to be informed of flight schedules to avoid encountering aircraft while flying.