Georgia, Kakheti

Paragliding flights in one of the best locations in Georgia – Kakheti. This location allows you to safely fly return routes of over 100 km!
2019/06/08 09:34:16

About the tour

8 june - 16 june 2019

Requirements: to be confident at mountain take-off and landing

Difficulty: Medium

Breakfast is included in the price.

This tour is designed for pilots who want to experience beautiful flights in a new location, to see the sights of Georgia and taste the local wine.

The conditions at this time allow pilots of almost any level to fly: from beginners to professionals. The main condition is the ability to take off and land safely.

This is a good time for return flights!

The tour includes

  • Accommodation in Kakheti at Shaloshvili’s Cellar Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Shuttle Tbilisi – Kakheti – Tbilisi
  • Daily transportation to takeoff
  • Pick up from the route
  • Full flight support (weather conditions, aerology, specifics of flying in this location, task setting, 2-way radio contact, flight review, and any other assistance related to flights)

The tour does not include

  • Flight to/from Tbilisi
  • Insurance
  • Meals (lunch and dinner)



If you are a paragliding pilot and want to combine flights with travelling in new locations, it means you should definitely contact us!

Georgia is a unique country for flights, combining the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains and a wonderful local culture.

Any questions - ask us!

+995-595-16-22-55 Whatsapp, Viber

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