Georgia, Svaneti

Paragliding flights in the most beautiful region of Georgia – Svaneti. This is an excellent alternative to autumn in Bir (India).

About the tour

october - november

Requirements: to be competent at mountain take-off and landing, to have good piloting skills in turbulent conditions

Difficulty: Medium, High

The tour is intended for experienced pilots who want to fly in the most beautiful place of Georgia in autumn.

At this particular time of year in Svaneti you can fly over glaciers, climb to more than 5000 meters and fly distances of over 100 km. The incredible views and beautiful scenery will amaze every pilot.

Nevertheless, it can be very challenging for pilots! At this time, +6 thermals are the norm, and it can get very turbulent.

The tour includes

  • Transfer Tbilisi – Svaneti (Mestia) – Tbilisi
  • Transfer to the takeoff every day
  • Pick up from XC
  • Full support for flights (weather conditions, aerology, flight features at this place, task setting, debriefing, any other help related to flights)
  • Keeping on the radio
  • Excursion trips in case of bad weather or a day of rest

The tour does not include

  • Flight to Tbilisi
  • Insurance
  • Meals (lunch and dinner)



If you are a paragliding pilot and want to combine flights with travelling in new locations, it means you should definitely contact us!

Georgia is a unique country for flights, combining the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains and a wonderful local culture.

Any questions - ask us!

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